The experience is all that matters.

Customers expect a commercial grade User Experience.

With more and more commercial UX examples being released every day, users expect the same level of experience design in your product or service. Don't disappoint them instead advocate for UX design within your organization. Evidence indicates that UX is good for both your customers and your bottom line.

Real World designing experiences for applications, websites and mobile apps.

As a UX Designer for both enterprise systems and consumer advertising markets, I've developed a strong sense of what it takes to achieve success. Part of that is providing compelling concrete UX and UI deliverables to the larger team and stakeholders. With an understanding of current technology trends and a background in user centered product design, this allows me to communicate effectively with customers and colleagues in both individual and group settings.


The user is involved throughout the design and development of the product.


A centric process is always iterative and targeted towards the needs of the user.


The end user is concerned with usability and functionality of the final product.


The design addresses the experience. Now demonstate it to everyone.

I enjoy creating products and services that delight the people who use them.

Things I've done.

Good experience design is planning to solve for a wide range of user centric problems when designing software. As a Design Lead its my responsibility to create artifacts in a variety of forms that are available to the project team and business stakeholders. All project goals are different and therefor require a custom approach to which assets are deemed "required". Below are some of my areas of expertise.


It all starts here. The proven way to get your strategy down includes creating Consumer Journey Maps, User Stories, Personas, Ecosystem Map, Competitive Audit and Stakeholder Interviews.


Ideation is quick concepting. Concepting methods would include Brainstorming, Moodboards, Storyboards, User Flow, Task Analysis and Taxonomies.


I have conducted Content Audits, Heuristic Analysis, creating a features Roadmap, along with writing Use Cases and User Scenarios.

UX Design

The experience of the product is so important. Getting it right involves using UI Sketches, Sitemaps, Wireframes, Prototypes, Usability Test, Card Sorting, A/B Testing, Eyetracking and Heatmapping.

Art is subjective, Design is problem solving

When I was visiting the Hermitage Museum I had the chance to view a collection of beautiful art. Some of the pieces were very inspiring while others were not. I realized then that Art was very subjective, unlike Design were it has to solve a real world problem and ultimately work.

Recent Work

In the highly competive Fin-Tech space (Mobile Document Capture) also known as the MDC App - will put BMO on the map for mobile mortgages.

With the MDC App, you can get a mortage without ever going into a branch. No forms. No faxing. Its truly is a paperless digital experience.

Working in Agile and Scrum was one of the ways I work to align the team wih the project goals from the business and Product Owner

The process of coninual improvment has to be iterations. You simply can't avoid them, for supiour product success.

The final user scenerios have to be prototyped to ensure that they fulfill the business needs and user goals.

Visit my UX Portfolio for more examples of my work. (Link in the contact section)
Below are just some of the great organizations I have had the privilege to worked with.

Recently Completed

I never tire of pushing the work to be better. In addition to project work, I will help to shape the User Experience approach, lead as well as share with other interaction designers.

Thank you for taking the time to view my work, I'm fortunate to have shared my passion with so many great people and on some very memorable projects.